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"We became the orphans of the world"

UNICEF reports on how Syrian refugees are sharing what UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow calls an “unbroken chain of stories of loss, grief, deprivation, frustration, anxiety and always the longing to go home,” on her visit to Lebanon.

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Populist politicians and irresponsible elements of the media exploit feelings of fear and insecurity to scapegoat foreigners, try to force the adoption of restrictive policies, and actively spread racist and xenophobic sentiments.”

While States have the right to define their own immigration policies, they should do so in respect for human dignity and basic rights, he stated.

“All this can be done, and needs to be done, in ways that ensure protection is granted to those who need it,” Mr. Guterres stressed. “This means guaranteeing their access to territory, fair treatment of their asylum claims, and adequate integration policies that contribute to social harmony.
UN urges better protection for world’s forcibly displaced, stateless people
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What is the West’s fear? Why aren’t they helping us?" asked Mohammad Nader Zatar, 40, who insisted on giving his real name. He was shot in the arm a week ago, sneaked into Turkey for treatment, and was back in the fields. "Islamists? Are they afraid we’ll be ruled by Islamists? Turkey is run by Islamists." (Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party has Islamist roots.)

“I don’t have a problem with another Alawi President,” said Fadi, 31, referring to Assad’s minority sect, which represents about 12% of Syria’s largely Sunni population.

“Regardless of what politicians overseas fear, they must know that we want democracy,” said Mohammad, 26, who was uploading a video of testimony from a refugee. “Nothing fuels religious extremism more than poverty and oppression. They know that, don’t they?
Refugees in the Dark: Fleeing a Devastated Syrian Town
Em Mohammad, a woman in a black abaya and firmly fixed hijab, sat on a rock near the opening with her adult daughter Em Mahmoud; her three grandsons, ages 11, 5 and 2; and their father Abu Mahmoud. “It’s like in the ’80s: they are burning our houses, showering us with bullets,” she said, referring to an offensive against Jisr al-Shughour by Assad’s predecessor and late father, Hafez. “We came one week ago. I haven’t showered in a week.” After a while, she started crying, and said to her son-in-law, “How can I go to Turkey and I don’t know where my sons are?” She turned to me. “They said they would follow us, but we haven’t heard from them. The telephone lines are cut. I swear to God, Israel wasn’t this bad to us!” Refugees in the Dark: Fleeing a Devastated Syrian Town
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Libyan refugee camp, via @UNICEF_UK

Libyan refugee camp, via @UNICEF_UK

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